We should stop referring to bureaucrats as "Czars."
We should take Air Force General Mike Minihan's claim that the U.S. and China will fight a war over Taiwan in 2025 with a grain of salt.
Some well wishes, some housekeeping, and some queue-clearing.
Beijing joins the rest of the world in concluding that the cure is worse than the disease.
Kyrsten Sinema, the enigmatic first-term senator from Arizona, is ducking labels. But that's nothing new. Dismiss her at your own peril.
The Dems defy history in the Midterms, blunting the “Red Wave” everyone and their mother had prognosticated. But how did this happen? And what does it…
Elon takes ownership of Twitter. Plus – Dems pull their big hitter out from retirement at the 11th hour, and your author trafficks in doomsday about the…
Xi Jinping gets his rubber stamp. Plus – a progressive flip-flop on Ukraine exposes partisan shifts and belies some hidden motives.
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